The Mysterious Package Company

UI/UX, Graphic Design

MPC is an organization that tells stories using the postal service as their medium. Once the services are engaged, they send letters, postcards, fake news clippings and assorted strange artifacts via the mail. When the recipient pieces them all together, it creates a weird and fascinating narrative that they are at the centre of.

Examples of Mailings

These are some examples of the detailed work put together by the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team working to bring narratives to life.


New design reflecting MPC's new branding with a focus on secrecy, mystery and old Victorian charm. The layout accommodates cinemagraphs and text heavy layouts to allow each experience a place to live with information on what to expect on each mail experience.

Secret Vault Puzzle

This puzzle is used in combination with the quarterly broadsheet subscription "Curious & Conundrums". The symbols on the dark screen are directly referenced in the publication. This was a collaboration project between a puzzle designer, a developer and myself.