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Product Designer

Inkbox is a direct-to-consumer tattoo brand that empowers customers to own their now. Their patented tattoos last 1-2 weeks, fading as your skin naturally regenerates. It’s applied easily at home, no needles required. Customers can shop  thousands of designs from our artist community or create their own through a web platform

Establishing the UX Practice

Learning about our customers

Our analysis of the customer journey showed a lack of insight on many areas of the user experience. The gap in the customer journey knowledge became the driving force in establishing user-centric methodologies to inform product decision across company teams.

Identified areas of focus:

  • Reduce customer application errors

  • Enhance product discoverability on website

  • Improve the flow for tattoo design submissions


  • Cross-functional team collaboration

  • Quick customer feedback to make informed product decisions

  • More empathy and understanding towards customers

  • Documentation to identify emerging trends and patterns among customer behavior

  • Procedures to quickly recruit users and deploy technology for testing


Reducing Application Errors

Making our product intuitive

We focused on addressing insights showing that despite users liking the brand and the legitimacy of the package, they were surprised by the number of items included. This became an issue when it comes to following the instructions correctly. This insight allowed us to identify and focus on improving item organization and language clarity regarding the instructions and the items to use.

Elements we tested and iterated on:

  • Packaging and item organization

  • Instructions and item labeling

  • Language and illustrations


  • Confusing terms where identified and addressed with improved language and graphics

  • Application errors were reduced and customer confidence boosted

  • Item organization and labeling presentation reduced feelings of being overwhelmed.

  • Comfortable skin materials that allowed a more simple and intuitive application


Enhancing Product Discoverability

Showing meaningful content

We conducted usability test to understand what triggers users into browsing designs and how effectively they can find a design they like. We identified several issues that were preventing our customers form enjoying their experience on our website. These issues included product representation, site navigation, and poor product search experience.


  • Insights on ways to automate product photography to be diverse and inclusive

  • Improvements to search results and components

  • Improvement to navigation and filtering components

  • Conceptual explorations of alternative browsing experiences

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Improving Design Submission Flow

Helping you help us

We depend greatly in our community of artist to create and upload designs that connect with our customers. Artists come from a variety of demographic and technical backgrounds, this provided a challenge in communicating the submission guidelines for Inbox-ready designs. By conducting phone interviews and usability test with quick prototypes we identified our users’s pain points, designed various solutions and validated them in an iterative process.


  • Implementation of on-boarding flow

  • Copy with revised language

  • Used of several visual aids to communicate key concepts

  • Easy access to guidelines during design submission

  • Increase of successful design submissions from 50% to 95%

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Rebranding Inkbox

A new us for a new you

In the summer of 2019 Inkbox incorporated a new vibrant brand aimed to supports and celebrate the story of our customers. These branding efforts were coordinated across multiple teams and channels including a flagship retail store. As a product designer I created a new design system and component library to support the brand efforts and ensure seamless collaboration between designers and developers moving forward.


  • Branded website

  • Established design system with robust documentation

  • Implementation of grid rules for design and development

  • Master UI library in sketch with organized symbols.

  • Established process for team collaboration, iteration and experimentation